Rossendale Enterprise Anchor Limited (REAL)


What REAL does

REAL is a Rossendale based charity and social enterprise.
We do lots of things with and for people to make Rossendale a better place to live and work.

We have three main departments

REAL Wellbeing We manage a network of qualified psychotherapists across the North West who provide psychotherapeutic and psycho-educational programmes to groups and individuals. They have special skills in working to help people build confidence and self esteem. Our therapists also have special expertise in working with people with irritable bowel syndrome and cancer

REAL Involvement Helps community groups and individuals take part in their community. Our team supports consultation processes so that the people in Rossendale can have a real voice in what happens to them. We help start up groups, find funds and share information. We advise small groups wanting to start up social enterprises or to form a charity. REAL Involvement is run by paid staff and professional people who volunteer their time to help Rossendale thrive.

REAL Office Provides practical office support to all our other activities. The Office team manage the Rossendale Community Database which covers over 400 organisations in the Valley. Information is shared and views explored. The team offer practical support to groups and organisations such as printing, copying and room hire. We also have staff who can provide payroll, bookkeeping and accounting support to small organisations.

Contact Information

Rossendale Enterprise Anchor Limited (REAL)

8 St James Square
OL13 9AA

Tel: 01706 871730